NOV3 is an Italian electronic music producer based in Amsterdam. NOV3’s music, as shown by her last single “Footprints” (XDMC Records, 2021), is often reminiscent of the eighties, with a dreamy, nostalgic flavour to it.

At the same time, NOV3’s eclectic background allowed her to collaborate successfully to create music in genres very different from her usual style, such as rap, synthwave or soundtracks for movies.

Born in Bologna in 1990, she started playing the guitar in high school, until she fell in love with drums and switched to that instrument. As a drummer, she played in several bands, until a wrist inflammation forced her to quit in her mid-twenties.

In 2016 she moved to Amsterdam, where in 2019 she followed an electronic music production workshop. Since then, she fell in love with electronic music, adopted the name of NOV3 and started making music again. Her past as a drummer for punk and indie bands turned out to be an asset, as it allows her to think differently than those producers who never step outside of their own genre.