NOV3 is an Italian-born electronic music producer based in Amsterdam. Her music can be signified as “Melodic House”, due to its bright and atmospheric character and usage of arpeggiated melodies.

Born into a musical family in Bologna, NOV3 has had a connection with music since she was a child. She started playing the guitar in high school, until she fell in love with playing the drums. As a drummer, she played in several bands in Italy and the Netherlands, where she moved to in  2016. Sadly, a wrist inflammation forced her to quit playing the drums. It was at this time she discovered her love for electronic music and decided to study music production at the “SAE Institute Amsterdam”.

After her studies she started to produce music under the name of “NOV3” and collaborate with different artists, ranging from styles such as hip-hop, synthwave and film-music.

Since 2021 NOV3 is signed with XDMC Records and since 2022 she has been performing as a Dj.