The client was looking for a track to accompany a video that was looped during an art exhibition in a cultural centre. The theme of the video was the history of graffiti, street art and skaters in Italy. I created a second, alternative video in collaboration with a graphic designer.

The client asked me to create a soundtrack to accompany a video of a boxing training. In this particular scene a student is trained by his teacher. The emotional vibe I got from this scene is best described in three words: tension, focus and determination. I utilized a number of samples, which I then manipulated in order to create eerie and spooky sounds. Next to that, I created a layer of bass and drums through the use of synthesizers.

For the company Yubike I created a soundscape for this animation. The company organizes bike tours throughout Europe. On their bike travels people are surrounded by fields of flowers, canals, farms and woods. I recreated that quiet and tranquil feeling using sounds of nature and synthesizers.

For this animation I created the sound effects using synthesizers.